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Tensegrity Center for Yoga Therapy is the link between physical therapy and the yoga studio. We have students of all ages and all levels of physical challenge. With individual yoga therapy, and group yoga therapy classes we comprehensively move our clients through fundamental yoga postures, analyze postural difficulties, and explore yoga's capacity for healing specific injuries.

yoga therapy internship program
Now accepting applications for our
2014 Yoga Therapy Internship Program

Certified Yoga Therapists in our Internship Program assist and co-teach our clients, each are Yoga Alliance Teachers at the RYT-500 level.

Yoga Therapy Class
Yoga Therapy Class
Yoga Therapy Class
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is an individualized approach to softening into the body, relieving discomfort, enlivening strength, and creating elasticity where there was tension. With a scientific understanding of your overall health, we create a sequence of yoga postures that include gentle breathwork and meditation, so that as you come into your body with increased awareness, you arrive with calm. In yoga therapy, you empower yourself to heal.

Who can benefit, and what are the benefits of yoga therapy?

All of us. Everyone has movement habits that create specific aches, weak or tight areas. It is difficult to notice that we are re-creating these even in how we walk, sit and especially when we practice postures that unknowingly include the same habits. They are easier to learn see and feel inside of postures, especially with the amount of observation and assistance that comes with these tiny classes. Also people pull for each other in these classes, as if the classes have their own hearts.

What is Sherry’s vision of physical therapy and yoga therapy?

I see yoga therapy as the link between physical therapy and regular yoga classes. This ancient healing methodology is more recognized than ever by western medicine because it works. It is thorough, investigative work. A distinction that yoga has, in favor of ‘exercise for it’s own sake’, is each movement and breath, is embedded in the benefits of self-awareness and inner calm. In yoga therapy, we become accustomed to reading our own bodies, for spaces that might be blocked or tight or weak, and work with healing movement patterns. It is a global way, of being with the body, and a return or initiation to regular yoga classes.

What if I’m a total beginner?

Everyone is a total beginner at one time, and your yoga therapist is trained to see with you, where you are, and help guide you into a softer place. You will be an accomplice in your program, so that with guidance, you will always feel safe, taking the next step into strength, agility and quiet inside.

What if I’d had my injury for years? Or I’m just not flexible?

The soft tissue of the body, (everything but bones) remains pliable throughout life. We have had brilliant success with the delicacies of even the ninth decade. The key to moving forward is paying such close attention, that you learn with your own exploration, the appropriate pace for your entry into opening up your body. What is important is not the need to come into symmetry, or for things to ‘look normal’, and instead, for the tissues of the body to be led by the confidence of your probing mind and the peaceful experience of the lightness of moving.

What if I am already a yoga practitioner?

If you have discomfort with your yoga practice, or with a normal daily activity, and you have been practicing yoga recently, or you used to practice, we will converge and use your knowledge base, as a springboard into your individualized yoga therapy practice. You may come and be supervised as much as you like and, or, feel comfortable with coming occasionally, to report your progress and check and
shift posture modifications, to match your ever changing healing body. Your yoga therapist is trained to evaluate and do practice consultations, at any level of practice.
Schedule and Fees

Individual Yoga Therapy Consultation | $150

Yoga Therapy Classes
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Basic ~ Sherry 8:30AM-10:00AM AM Class postponed* Intermediate ~ Sherry 11:00AM-12:30PM Basic ~ Sherry 8:30AM-10:00AM AM Class postponed*
Gentle ~ Sherry 4:00PM-5:30PM Basic ~ Sherry 4:00PM-5:30PM PM Class postponed* PM Class postponed* Basic ~ Sherry 11:00AM-12:30PM

Yoga Therapy Class Fees
Introductory class: $25 | Single classes thereafter: $50
5 class series: $225 ($45 per class) must be completed within 8 weeks
10 class series: $400 ($40 per class) must be completed within 13 weeks
20 class series: $700 ($35 per class) must be completed within 25 weeks

Yoga Therapy Class Description
Class sizes are limited. 24 hours advance notice is required if you cannot attend your class. There is no charge if you make up your class within one week. Sliding scale payment options are available on individual basis. Fees may be reimbursed by your insurance, please ask for details.

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*Please note: Sherry is in the midst of writing her next book, 'Using Yoga Therapeutically' based her work as a physical therapist and yoga therapist. To that end, most travel and some classes are temporarily on hold.
Yoga Therapists

Sherry Brourman P.T.,E-RYT500

Founder and Director
Sherry has been a practicing licensed physical therapist since 1973, a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer and yoga therapist for over fifteen years. Sherry is a teacher with tremendous passion, combining the science of physical therapy with the holistic wholehearted healing intention of yoga, in every aspect of her work. Her own severe back, created the profound insight that became the groundwork for her to create a system of movement based healing. This is the foundation for her book, Walk Yourself Well (Hyperion 1998) and has been translated and distributed in five countries. She teaches her Gait Therapy Certification program to healthcare professionals nationally. Yoga therapy, became the confluence of all of the tools Sherry had gathered for her healing work. At her clinic, Sherry sees patients and clients on a one on one basis, and in group yoga therapy classes.

Yoga Therapy Client Testimonials

"A year ago I was suffering hip and back pain that was so debilitating I had to forgo my beloved morning walks. Two epidurals had not helped. Depressed and defeated, I told myself: 'You are eighty-four. This is how it is and the way it will be.' Then my daughter heard about Sherry Brourman's good work. I saw Sherry and swiftly regained confidence in my body as she worked with me to help strengthen my core and my confidence that I could get better-and I did. In the past year I have not only resumed my morning walks, but danced happily on several occasions. Sherry has healing power because she is tuned in at a deep level to every person with whom she works. She varies every class exercise with the needs of different individuals. She is a believer in working around what hurts and relies on gentle careful strengthening. She coaxes constructive change from painful frozen resistance. In addition to her careful attention to what the problems are, her warm individualized approach assures that she appreciates you as a whole person and brings ideas to her work that help one get in touch with optimism, generosity, kindness and inner peace. I am very grateful to have had her help in strengthening my inner core." -Sarah

"Dearest Sherry,
I did my practice this morning and yesterday morning, keeping in mind much of what you taught on Thursday - and in every class of yours that i've taken. I gain so much every single time!! I'll come in thinking, " oh, I've been practicing at home and I know so much more now". but then you explain something, or demonstrate something, and suddenly my little bit of understanding grows deeper, and pieces connect. This morning I got that when I press my feet into the ground - and at the same time, pull downwards softly in the armpits - my belly turns on more than before. What you said - about every movement having some counterbalancing element, even if just energetically - that is SUCH a powerful piece of information. I'm incredibly grateful -and feel so privileged - to be able to be in your classes and to learn from you every single time."

"Hi Sherry,
I went to exhale this am. I hadn't seen Jo since last summer. I felt REALLY strong. I had my mat on the back wall and I had my leg up on the wall in down dog SO high. I felt like I could stay there for 10 minutes. My arms/shoulders were totally solid. 3/4 of the way thru class Jo comes over to me and goes, "Your practice is soooo BEAUTIFUL." OMG."

"Hi Sherry,
My back is WONDERFUL. I've had zero pain and feel stronger each day. According to my Rolfer, my hips and sacrum have been stable, compared to always out. My pilates instructor can't believe the difference it has made with my work and strength -- my low back always used to kick in during sessions and now it never does. She is reading your book right now and can't wait to incorporate the information with her other clients.
See you soon, and many thanks."

Hey Sherry,
"I've been dutifully doing the floor exercises and walking as smartly as possible and generally feeling quite strong. Even a jog now and again. Occasionally I'll do a public yoga class, bringing my own props and being very controlled and careful, kind of doing my own thing based on your principles, so far so good. Even dropped a couple of lbs. finally. I wanted to mention I recommended you to a yoga instructor was marveling at how much better I've been lately."

Yoga Therapy Intern Testimonials

"The Tensegrity Center for Yoga Therapy Internship Program enhanced my practice and teaching on so many levels, most predominantly, from the inside out. What makes this program unique is it's only one of a very few places where you can get first hand experience working with and learning from professional seasoned practitioners of their experience, caliber and credentials. As in similar professions, from physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, to MD's, the more clinical hands on experience you have the better a practitioner you become. Their focus always starts at the place where the person is now and building from there." - Teri Roseman

"Sherry Brourman's ground-breaking Mentorship Program with Tensegrity Center for Yoga Therapy provides an extraordinary foundation to assist yoga teachers working through the gateway of the physical form. This program has given me substantial confidence in working with individuals who have specific structural challenges. It is the perfect adjunct to the Yoga Therapy RX2 program at LMU. While LMU was primarily theoretical in nature, the 'hands-on' workshop design of Tensegrity Center for Yoga Therapy Mentorship Program is a superb opportunity for receiving generous personal attention and for providing the opportunity for co-teaching in a live classroom setting. I received exceptional clarity of the physical landscape and the breath, putting into action many of the concepts I had been learning about at LMU. I was also able to understand and begin to heal challenges in my own body. Patterns of movement and breath were exquisitely illuminated which in turn allowed me to move beyond the structural level to gain a more inclusive understanding of my energetic and emotional patterns. I highly recommend this program to all yoga teachers wishing to take their teaching to a higher level of expertise. It is extremely important that more teachers know how to precisely work with students who have specific challenges. More real healing for all."
- Eve Baldwin, CYT, MT

"With experience listening, watching and in a deep and sincere communication with the body. The mentorship program that they have created is a completely unique and groundbreaking necessity in the world of yoga and yoga therapy. Not only is their combined knowledge of the body, healing and yoga astounding, their patience, generosity, guidance, and desire to teach teachers is unparalleled. I have felt held, honored, respected and challenged to grow myself into the teacher I know I can be. Their ability to see their students as already whole, already brilliant, already healed, is a deeply transformative experience that is truly liberating. Every class I teach, no matter what level, is taught through the lenses I have learned from this program. I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my own body, in my life, in my relationships, and in my teaching. The work is do deep and multi-layered, so vast and wide that the learning never ceases to amaze me. This program is born from passion, sincere seeking, and a great desire to serve the highest good in each person. That combined with the honor and privilege of learning from women who are living out their calling, who have spent time honing and perfecting their talents makes this mentorship program stand alone." - Chani Nicholas

"You have all had the pleasure of learning anatomy and walking & gait from Sherry Brourman in the LMU Yoga Therapy program. Not sure if you've heard, but she has her own yoga therapy clinic with 9 classes a week working with amazing students all learning to heal through yoga. I just completed a year-long mentorship program under her (also and LMU Yoga Therapy grad), and words cannot describe how much more prepared I am to face all the different challenges I will encounter as a yoga therapist. - Gina Shelton

Only 2 months into Sherry Brourman’s Yoga Therapy Internship Program and I have learned more hands-on, practical applications of Yoga Therapy than I did in the whole year spent getting my yoga therapy certification. I can’t imagine having gone out into the ‘real world’ without these experiences with real patients/students. Furthermore, I feel the program they have created for yoga therapy graduates should be a mandatory step in the process of becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist." - Wendy Obstler, RYT/CYT
Yoga Therapy Today Spring 2012 Brourman
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A One Year Yoga Therapy Internship Program with Sherry Brourman, PT, E-RYT 500

We have ten yoga therapy classes per week, each with 2-7 students, all of whom are either graduates of physical therapy yet not quite ready for a yoga studio, or feel that they are too stiff or weak to begin yoga at a public studio. All classes are taught by a teacher and an intern/assistant.

Ongoing guidelines and programs:

Once invited, the program is a year.
1. Requirements for entry ~ 200 hr RYT and graduate of a one year Yoga Therapy Certification Program (currently all are from LMU but not necessary for future), and they must be admitted through personal interviews with Sherry Brourman.

2. There is required reading throughout the year and written assignments. Most of this work is based on Mabel Todd, The Thinking Body, written in 1937. Her kinesiologic understanding and yoga mind make her book a beautiful and perfect asset to our teachings in this program.

3. We use hands on teaching skill sets including adjustments, prop usage and knowledge base of various conditions such as joint replacements, difficult spine issues, post surgery rehab, and anything structural. as a road in, for discerning minute details for these students.

4. Interns are required to assist one class per week, and alternately, observe or practice in one class per week. Discussions follow every class, as well as required online technical questions which are answered in depth and archived.

5. Interns are required to be in the process of a personal sequence which they are using/exploring/developing to work with a real personal issue. This is part of the agenda at monthly meetings so there is guidance throughout the course of the year.

7. Interns are required to do any volunteer or community outreach consistently.

8. There are meetings every two months, which may be personal sequence discussions/ revisions or practice teaching meetings , all with our supervision.

9. There is a written assignment prior to each meeting, that may be a personal sequence, a sequence for a student in class and nearer to completion, a sequence for two or three students in class.

10. At the completion of the year, there is a graduation ceremony.

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